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IMPORTANT:   Dealerships who issue temporary registration permits to their customers should register for the Dealer Portal to participate in online services. Watch the tutorials available at: and take the survey to receive your PIN number so you are able to begin issuance of permits as soon as your license is issued.

You must have an established place of business.  An established place of business is defined as: A building or structure, separate from a residence, owned or leased, designed as an office or place to receive mail, keep records and conduct business. Everything must be delivered to your business address.

The Business name MUST match the name you applied under for your Sales Tax Registration Number.  A copy of your Sales Tax Registration must be received by this office before your license will be issued.

Tax Clearance.  A tax clearance certificate shall be provided with the dealer license application as proof that all taxes at the State level are in good standing. Tax Clearance application is an online process which is found at the following:

You must have an operable telephone.  The telephone must be listed with the telephone company under the name of the licensed business.

You must have proper zoning at your business location for the vehicles you are selling.   Zoning approval must be secured from the appropriate zoning authority indicating that the use complies with the applicable zoning law

You must have a sign in the business name.  A sign with durable lettering at least 10 inches in height and easily visible from the street identifying the established place of business, unless prohibited by local zoning laws. If prohibited by zoning laws, verification from the zoning office must be provided.

Your County Treasurer must verify that you do not owe any Personal Property Taxes.  Our application must be signed by the County Treasurer where the dealership is located. This verification of tax is separate from the Tax Clearance through the State referenced above.

Three credit references are required.  To determine financial fitness three (3) credit references are required (with complete addresses) for an individual proprietorship or partnership to be submitted with your application.

Articles of Corporation.   If your business is an entity other than sole proprietor or partnership a copy of the Articles of Corporation filed with the Secretary of State in Kansas or proof of registration must be provided.

You must have insurance on your place of business and on all inventory.  Public liability and property damage insurance is mandatory. Your insurance company must forward a Certificate of Insurance to this office before we can issue your license. The insurance certificate must be issued in the name and address on your dealer license application.


You are required to obtain and maintain a $30,000 Surety Bond. See below specifications.   You are required to furnish and maintain a $30,000 Surety Bond. You may satisfy this requirement by depositing with the State Treasurer cash, negotiable bonds of the United States or the State of Kansas. Exceptions to the bonding requirement are: Manufacturers, Distributors, Factory Branches, Lending Agencies, and Manufactured Home Dealers. A bond, when issued is conditioned upon the applicant of licensee complying with the provisions of the applicable statutes. The bond may be used for an indemnity for any loss sustained, by any person, by reason of any act by the licensee which constitutes grounds for a suspension or revocation of the license.


If you are filing as a Corporation:   The bond should be written in the corporate name only. A copy of your Secretary of State Corporation papers listing your corporate officers must accompany your bond.


If you are filing as a Partnership:   The bond should be written in ALL owners names d.b.a. dealership name.


If you are filing as an Individual:  The bond should be written in the owner name d.b.a. dealership name.


For any additional questions please contact Dealer Licensing at 785-296-3621, #6.

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