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(Please Print)                                  DEALERSHIP INFORMATION


Dealership Name:__________________________________________     ___Individual    ___Corp

                                                                                                                      ___Partnership  ___LLC

Phone #___________________  Cell #_______________________  FAX #___________________


Dealers #____________    Number of D-Tags: _____________    Years in Business ____________


#1 Lot Location: __________________________________________________________________


#2 Lot Location: __________________________________________________________________


Do you work on customers cars?   ____Yes     ____No      ____Occasionally do warranty work only


How many cars a year do you sell?   ______   Average wholesale value per car sold: $_________­_


Is your lot secured?  ____No     ____Chain Link     ____Post with pipe or cable


Do you want physical damage coverage on your cars?  (Open Lot)  ____Yes    ____No


(If yes) How many cars? _______     Total wholesale value of inventory: $____________________


Deductible per car? $__________    Do you want hail coverage? ___Yes    ___No   ___ Maybe


Current Insurance Company ______________________________ Renewal Date ____________


Current Agent/Agency __________________________  Current Prem  ____________________


DRIVER/EMPLOYEE INFORMATION: (Use additional sheet if necessary)







DL# and State


Full or Part Time


Personal  Use of


























































LIST ALL LOSSES IN PAST 3 YEARS:  (Use additional sheet if necessay)


Date _________  Type ________________________________________  Amt Paid ____________

Date _________  Type ________________________________________  Amt Paid ____________

Date _________  Type ________________________________________  Amt Paid ____________


Please grant our agency permission to use this information to provide comparison quotes before your current policy renews by signing below:


_______________________________________________              ________________________      (Owner’s Signature)                                                                                             Date


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