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Do you already have your Dealers License?   Do you already have your location and a row of cars outside?  Then you already know the problems, headaches and hassles with being an Independent Auto Dealer.  We can’t solve all your problems, we can’t even solve most of them but there is a good chance we can help with some.  We have been around the Used Car business for over 30 years and know you have plenty of things to keep you busy.  As we tell our clients, our motto is, “You take care of the buying and selling part of your business and we’ll take care of the insurance part”.


Thinking about hiring another salesman but don’t know if he has a couple of DUI’s and a dozen tickets.  Send us a signed copy of  MVR Release Form  and we will check his motor vehicle record for you, free of charge.  When you hire or fire and employee, send us an updated  Employee List  and we will take it from there.  We will make sure the employees you have are covered and you aren’t being charged for one's that are gone.


Every year we will shop your insurance with the many companies we work with to make certain you have access to the best possible coverage at the most reasonable price.  Give us a call today to see how we can help increase your bottomline.

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